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Princesses And
  Superheroes Pageant

For Girls
Ages 0-17 Years

All Natural
No Makeup

Make Friends
Build Confidence

No Experience Needed
1st Timers Welcome

Pageant Will Be In
Ogden, Utah
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The LAST DAY To Sign Up Is
Wednesday October 15th

Last Open Pageant Of The Year!

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Reagan Kerber
  Taylor Allen

Top 4 Asked Questions

1. What Does "All Natural" Mean?
We don't believe contestants need ANYTHING extra to be beautiful or to compete in a pageant. Our Pageant is 'All Natural' which means. We do not allow anything that God didn't give you! You're Beautiful, Just The Way You Are!  You can find out exactly what is and isn't allowed HERE

Why Does Beehive Beauties Charge Such A Small Entry Fee?
Listen, We've seen how much other pageants can cost! Basic Entry Fee's From $300 up to $1000! Our Basic entry fee is only $44.99! We are aware that you are a parent and that a pageant should be something that is fun for family, not something that drains your bank account. That's why we are very conservative with all of our expenses, to try to give you, the parent, the lowest entry fee possible. And unlike most other pageants, we do not require a specific dress, all in an effort to help YOU!

3. Why Does Beehive Beauties Not Allow Makeup?

At Beehive Beauties we believe there is a time for makeup in every girls life, but that time is not at 6 years old. In an effort to try to help slow the way younger and younger girls are beginning to dress and act, we feel that by not allowing makeup, we are saying that it's OK to just be yourself. We are trying to promote modesty among today's younger generation.

Look at the 2 pictures below. Both girls are clearly pretty, but the child on the left is caked in makeup, which is hiding her pretty face. The child on the right is just being herself. It's clear that the true beauty of a young girl, is what's beneath the makeup!


How Does The Judging Work?
All of our judges are volunteers, who for the most part, have either: participated in pageants or are involved with pageants. We value our judges very much. They are given very clear instructions on what to judge the contestant on. They show no favoritism and their decisions are final. We (Beehive Beauties) have no say in who the judges pick. That is their job and a hard job at that.

Have More Questions? Click Here To Visit Our F.A.Q. Page